We partnered with Nebula Group create Nebula Kuta, a representation of a food and beer space that takes its inspiration from the vibrant street food combined with modern stye centers of South East Asia offering the forward-thinking population of Asian unique dining experience at dekuta Hotel.

Nebula Kuta has dedicated menu that offers breakfast, casual daytime dining and evening snacks. You can order from our full bar offer as well as house blend coffee from Tanamera and our home made Cold Pressed Juices.

You can stop in when you can and stay as long as you like — it's a place around for three meals square, long afternoons spent pinging on a laptop, a round of evening drinks or a spot of late night supper. In true dekuta form, Nebula Kuta is a friendly place that leaves room for your thoughts while it generates continuously new energy. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon coffee, dinner & drinks.

If you have any questions or need more info drop us a line at nebulakuta@gmail.com

Operating Hours
Monday – Sunday (07am - 10pm)

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